French Project

Recently we were tasked with building all the Granite Surfaces in La Favette, a Villa in France.


See the plan of work in the .pdf file below.
La Favette plan – The Kitchen layout…
ViaMichelin to Coursan – Our Route!
Directions – How to get there!

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Craig and Jimmy travelled to the South of France to our holiday home to fit granite worktops in the new kitchen, as we thought it safest to use people we knew! The results are really good, and everyone who has seen the kitchen is very impressed. It was also extremely helpful that they did exactly what we wanted, despite being in France and us being in London. The photos show the quality of the work done. I have no hesitation in recommending Craig and Jimmy, and will use them again if we have the need. Philip Harlow

Granite is one of the most durable natural stone materials available for your home. It has been formed by the cooling of molten magma, giving each piece its own unique characteristics and appearance. When we prepare your granite worktops for production, we match the various pieces as well as possible, but there will always be minor differences. These are a feature of using natural materials, and can enhance the beauty of your kitchen. If you take the same care with your granite worktops that you would with other materials in your home, you are unlikely to experience any problems.

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