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Luna stone is manufactured using the finest state of the art technology in South Korea.
The process starts with raw crystals of natural stones, particularly quartz, with sizes that range from coarse grains to rock salt size. Once the stone crystals are selected and ground they are blended with bonding agents and colour .
Luna Stone comprises of 93% quartz anf 7% bonding agents, this mixture is heated and undergoes a process called vibrocompaction to form a solid and impenetrable surface. Once the slabs have been formed they run through a polishing line as would marble and granite.
Quality control measures are observed to get rid of the stones that do not have the exceptional qualities needed for engineered stone. This critical production process guarantees that all sample stones resemble actual quartz countertops in terms of texture and colour.
Luna stone is perfect for the following applications:
Kitchen countertops
Cladding and tiling
Fireplace hearths
Table tops
Food preperation areas
… and many, many more!
Luna Stone is very a durable stone with unique characteristics and will last you a lifetime if proper care and attention is applied.
We recommend Luna Stone to be used on indoor applications only, such as kitchen worksurfaces, vanity tops, table tops, and food preparation areas.
For the daily maintenance the easiest way to clean is to use just a damp cloth with a neutral cleaning product or just soapy water, then buff dry with a cloth. A solution of water mixed together with a touch of vinegar is also sufficient.
For a more vigorous, intensive clean, a mixture of warm water and Cif cream is recommended. After, clean with a towel and rinse with warm water.
For very stubborn stains use Cif cream undiluted with a sponge. Rub this on the mark and rinse with plenty of clean, warm water.
If a stain occurs which cannot be removed using the above techniques, take a dry cloth with a dab of acetone on it and rub this on the stain. After, rinse with clean soapy water. Aacetone (nail varnish remover) can be purchased from any high street chemist.
For the best upkeep of Luna Stone it is always best to take the following precautions:
Spilled drinks/ and or food should be removed straight away, without leaving them too long to dry in, as this may make them more difficult to remove.
Never use abrasive cleaners as they can remove the top face polish of the stone and never use abrasive sponge’s or steel wool pads.
Do not use cleaning solutions containing bleach or ammonia.
Do not use silicone based products.
Do not place hot pans directly on worksurface – use a trivet (pan stand).
Do not cut directly on worksurface using knives as it may leave metal marks – use a chopping board.
Do not stand or sit on your worksurface as this may cause damage around sink and hob areas where the stone is cut out .
Remember if your worksurface is like anything else, if looked after correctly it will last you a lifetime without problems.

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